Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center

October 10, 2020

11:45 am PDT

The Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center (BSBCC) is the only sun bear conservation organization in the world. Founded in Sabah, Malaysia in 2008, BSBCC provides care and rehabilitation to rescued sun bears and increases international awareness about sun bear conservation. BSBCC creates capacity to heal and release orphaned and ex-captive sun bears back into the wild, leads research that will help protect habitat, and advances public education about this rare bear. Their work to promote sun bear welfare throughout Borneo is vital to ensuring the future of the smallest bear species in the world.


Dr. Wong Siew Te


Dr. Wong Siew Te is a Malaysian wildlife biologist and tropical forest ecologist. He received his Bachelor’s and Masters in Wildlife Biology from the University of Montana and has an honorary doctorate from the University of Sunshine Coast in Australia. Dr. Wong is the CEO and founder of the Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Center in Sabah, Malaysian Borneo, which he founded in 2008. Dr. Wong has been recognized with numerous awards for his work on sun bear conservation and is a worldwide authority on this rare bear species.

Photography credit: Bornean Sun Bear Conservation Programme

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