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Save the Elephants

October 17, 2020

9:15 am PDT

Save the Elephants (STE) is a leader in elephant conservation and research in Kenya and across Africa. Elephants continue to be threatened by poaching for their ivory, and their key habitat has slowly disappeared, putting their long-term future in peril. STE has spent nearly three decades raising global awareness about this crisis, giving elephants a voice and creating pathways to coexistence between elephants and people. STE and WCN also co-manage the Elephant Crisis Fund, which supports projects aimed at stopping elephant poaching and the trafficking and demand for ivory. STE is dedicated to securing a better future for Africa’s giants.


Frank Pope


Frank Pope is CEO of Save The Elephants (STE). He joined STE in 2012 at the height of the elephant poaching crisis. An experienced bush pilot, Frank is at the helm of an organization renowned for using the power of science to secure a future for elephants. Prior to joining STE, Frank spent many years in marine science and conservation, becoming the world’s first Ocean Correspondent at The Times newspaper in London. During this time, he published two acclaimed books and fronted the BBC series Britain’s Secret Seas. Frank and Save the Elephants’ world-leading team of scientists and conservationists are working to reveal the intricate world of elephants and advance their protection.

Nelson Mwangi

Research Assistant, GIS

Nelson Mwangi tracks the movements of over 400 collared elephants across Africa. At a glance, he can tell you the exact location of an elephant, whether it's moving or not, and even its favorite hangout spot. Tracking elephants helps Save the Elephants (STE) map out their needs in an increasingly fragmented ecosystem, which is crucial to their future. Having joined STE as an intern, Nelson - a mapping specialist - has steadily risen through the ranks and now manages STE's tracking systems while also pursuing a Ph.D. in Ecology at Colorado State University.

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