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Proyecto Titi

April 24, 2021

10:45 am PDT

Cotton-top tamarins are one of the most endangered primates in the world. They are only found in the forests of northern Colombia, where Proyecto Tití (PT) defends this distinctive monkey from habitat loss caused by cattle ranching, agriculture, and urban development. PT’s reforestation program plants new tree saplings every year to rebuild vital forest corridors for cotton-tops. In the last decade, PT has helped create over 13,000+ acres of protected forest and conducted extensive research on cotton-top social behavior. They also are highly involved in local communities to develop sustainable sources of income and teach children to value this unique species.

Rosamira Guillen is speaking in the Failure is our Greatest Teacher roundtable.


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Rosamira Guillen

Executive Director

Rosamira Guillen is a proud Colombian with degrees in Landscape Architecture and Environmental Management. When she was Executive Director at the Barranquilla Zoo, she discovered Proyecto Tití and cotton-top tamarins. She joined and later became Proyecto Tití’s Director in 2008. Under her leadership, Proyecto Tití has gotten cotton-tops classified as a critically endangered species, protected over 13,000+ acres of forest, helped create Colombia’s National Plan for Cotton-Top Tamarins, and expanded Proyecto Tití’s community and education programs. Rosamira received the CARACOL Award for Environmental Conservation in 2014, the Whitley Award in 2015, the National Geographic/Buffet Award in 2017, and the Latin-American Green Award in 2019.

Photography credit: (c) Suzi Eszterhas