Niassa Lion Project

October 17, 2020

10:30 am PDT

Niassa Lion Project (NLP) protects nearly 800 lions in one of their last strongholds, Niassa National Reserve, Mozambique. NLP boosts lion protections by addressing the social needs of nearby communities that often put lions at risk. By working with these communities, local governments, tourism operators, and reserve management teams, NLP can help build sustainable opportunities for people so that lions are not imperiled by harmful activities like bushmeat poaching and habitat destruction. They also work to reduce human-lion conflict and create ecological stability for Niassa’s lions and their prey, so that people and lions can thrive.


Dr. Colleen Begg

Managing Director

Dr. Colleen Begg is the founder of Niassa Lion Project (NLP) in Mozambique. She has over 25 years of field conservation experience, including work with honey badgers, cheetahs, African wild dogs, and lions. She founded NLP In 2003 and lives with her family in Niassa National Reserve. Colleen received her Ph.D. from the Mammal Research Institute in South Africa and is a member of the African Lion Working Group and the IUCN Cat Specialist Group. She is a recipient of the Rufford Innovation Award and participated in Homeward Bound, an international scientific leadership initiative aimed to heighten the influence of women in science. Her scientific articles and photographs have been published by National Geographic and Africa Geographic.

Agostinho Jorge

Senior Conservation Manager

Agostinho Jorge has worked with Niassa Lion Project (NLP) since 2008. In 2010, he obtained his MSc. in South Africa studying leopards and is currently completing his Ph.D. on bushmeat studies. He is also a former WCN Scholar and took part in a two-year program for Emerging Wildlife Conservation Leaders. Agostinho leads all NLP conservation monitoring programs, surveys, and anti-poaching efforts to reduce bushmeat snaring. He is an expert in peacebuilding and plays a major leadership and mentorship role in NLP. Agostinho cares deeply about people and carnivores, and is determined to make a difference in people’s lives through conservation.

Andrew Mkanage

Senior Education Manager

Andrew Mkanage brings his expertise as a local teacher with a deep love for conservation to Niassa Lion Project (NLP). While teaching in Mecula, Andrew established the first wildlife club in Niassa Reserve and asked NLP to collaborate as patrons. He officially joined the NLP team in 2015 as their Education Manager, tasked with establishing the Mariri Environmental Center. He is an integral part of developing this educational institution, which now runs a range of programs from wildlife clubs, girl’s clubs, a lion scholarship program, and conservation workshops for people living within Niassa Reserve. Wherever Andrew goes, he inspires and makes conservation relevant to the people who share land with wildlife.

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