Wildlife Connections

Wednesday, April 21 - Friday, April 23

As important members of our Network, we invite you to take part in vibrant online discussions with the conservationists of your choosing. The power is in your hands to take part in as many of these opportunities as you’d like—but spaces are limited, so don’t miss your chance for these exclusive discussions! 

View the list of conservationists available for Wildlife Connections below. The conservationists will have differing availability on each date. Please select the date you are interested in below to get started booking your Wildlife Connection.

Conservationists Available for Wildlife Connections

Andean Cat Alliance - Rocio Palacios

Cheetah Conservation Botswana - Rebecca Klein

Cheetah Conservation Fund - Laurie Marker

Elephant Crisis Fund - Dudu Douglas-Hamilton

Elephant Crisis Fund - Chris Thouless

Ethiopian Wolf Conservation Program - Claudio Sillero

Ewaso Lions - Shivani Bhalla

Global Penguin Society - Pablo Borboroglu

Grevy's Zebra Trust - Belinda Low Mackey

Lion Recovery Fund - Peter Lindsey

MarAlliance - Rachel Graham

Niassa Lion Project - Colleen Begg

Okapi Conservation Project - John Lukas

Painted Dog Conservation - Peter Blinston

Pangolin Crisis Fund - Araluen Schunmann

Proyecto Tití - Rosamira Guillen

Rhino Recovery Fund - Markus Hofmeyr

Saiga Conservation Alliance - Olya Esipova

Save the Elephants - Frank Pope

Small Wild Cat Conservation Foundation - Jim Sanderson

Snow Leopard Conservancy - Rodney Jackson

Spectacled Bear Conservation - Robyn Appleton

Wildlife Conservation Network - Jean-Gaël Collomb

Wildlife Conservation Network - Charles Knowles

Wildlife Conservation Network - Paul Thomson

Wildlife Conservation Network - Kelly Wilson


Wildlife Conservation Expo

Saturday, April 24

8am - 1:30pm PDT

At Expo, you’ll hear from conservationists protecting elephants in northern Kenya, rescuing Grey crowned cranes in Rwanda, and studying the sharks and rays swimming off the coast of Belize. Most of all, learn how your support is helping these conservation leaders create a brighter future for wildlife. View the full Expo schedule here

Please RSVP by Friday, April 16 using the form below.

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Photography credit: Mark Williams