Hirola Conservation Program

April 24, 2021

9:15 am PDT

The Hirola Conservation Program (HCP) is an indigenous led, non-profit organization based in Garissa County, Kenya. The project is primarily dedicated to promoting conservation of hirola antelope (Beatragus hunteri) in eastern Kenya along the Kenya-Somalia border. With a global population size of fewer than 500 individuals, the hirola is threatened by habitat loss, completion with livestock and predation. HCP is currently restoring habitat for hirola in an effort to bolster their population growth in their natural range.

Dr. Abdullahi Ali is speaking in the Conservation in Local Hands roundtable.



Dr. Abdullahi Ali

Executive Director

Dr. Abdullahi Ali is an indigenous Kenyan conservationist born and raised in Garissa (home of the hirola). He works in the isolated and volatile regions of eastern Kenya and some parts of southwest Somalia that border Kenya. Despite being raised in a small village, Dr. Ali received his PhD in Ecology from the University of Wyoming where he also won the Outstanding Dissertation of the year award in 2016. In 2014, Dr. Ali founded the Hirola Conservation Program (HCP), a nonprofit organization dedicated to saving the critically endangered hirola antelope in eastern Kenya. Dr. Ali works with local Kenyans and Somalis to save this endangered species while also improving local livelihoods. Ali is a member of the IUCN/SSC Antelope Specialist Group and also works as a fellow for the Zoological Society of London’s EDGE of Existence (Evolutionarily Distinct and Globally Endangered) group.