Global Penguin Society

April 24, 2021

12:15 pm PDT

Global Penguin Society (GPS) works around the globe to protect all 18 species of penguin. About 55% of them are listed as threatened, primarily by ocean pollution and climate change. GPS monitors penguin populations and promotes their conservation through educational programs for children and strategic ocean and beach cleanup initiatives. Healthy oceans lead to healthy penguins, so GPS makes habitat protection a high priority to help penguins flourish. To achieve this goal, GPS works with governments in coastal countries to establish protected areas and has secured several million acres of marine habitat for penguins.


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Dr. Pablo Borboroglu


Penguins have always been important to Pablo, and he has dedicated his life to their conservation. He founded the Global Penguin Society to protect all 18 species of penguins throughout the world. Pablo works with communities, local governments, and other conservation groups to establish guidelines for penguin conservation and protect their habitat. Thanks to his efforts, over 32 million acres of marine and coastal protected areas have been created for penguins. Pablo is a recipient of the 2018 Whitley Gold Award and the 2018 National Geographic/Buffet Awards for Leadership in Conservation.

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Dr. Laura Marina Reyes

Conservation Program Director

Dr. Laura Marina Reyes has lived her entire life in Patagonia, Argentina. She is the Director of Conservation for the Global Penguin Society. Laura has a Ph.D. in Marine Biology and also works as a university professor. For the last 34 years, she has studied and worked for the conservation of the ocean and its wildlife. In her role within GPS, she coordinates and facilitates community-based processes to create protected areas. So far, Laura has led 11 participatory processes to design management plans for existent or recently established protected areas.

Photography credit: (c) Suzi Eszerthas