Crisis Fund

October 17, 2020

9:15 am PDT

The Elephant Crisis Fund (ECF) is committed to ending the ivory crisis and ensuring that elephants across Africa are no longer under threat. Co-founded by Save the Elephants and WCN, the ECF supports a vast spectrum of worldwide projects that reduce elephant fatalities and bring wildlife criminals to justice. Tackling ivory traffickers and ivory demand is a complex task, but the ECF excels at finding the most effective projects run by groups that share their passion for elephant welfare and are familiar with this illegal trade. As of today, the ECF has supported 300 projects in 40 countries and disbursed over $22.9 million toward anti-poaching and anti-ivory trade endeavors.


26a.2012 Mara with Samburu elephants - c

Dudu Douglas-Hamilton

Illegal Wildlife Trade Expert at Save the Elephants 

Dudu Douglas-Hamilton is an illegal wildlife trade expert at Save the Elephants (STE) and jointly leads the Elephant Crisis Fund's (ECF) anti-trafficking and demand reduction work. She helps create the ECF's strategy and response to the illegal ivory trade, focusing on funding law enforcement efforts across Africa and Asia. Dudu began working for STE in 2013, carrying out a year-long investigation into ivory trafficking in Tanzania. Dudu was born and raised in Kenya and has been immersed in conservation for most of her life, working on complex investigations across Africa for more than 10 years. She has a postgraduate degree in Criminology from the University of Cape Town and did fieldwork on the criminal gangs in the Cape Flats.

Tunde picture_LI.jpg

Tunde Morakinyo

Executive Director, Africa Nature Investors

Tunde Morakinyo is a Community Forestry and Tropical Forest Conservation Specialist. He’s spent 25 years implementing natural resource management projects for NGOs, particularly in West and Central Africa. Tunde also works on community conservation projects around protected areas. He is the Executive Director for Africa Nature Investors (ANI), which is focused on the protection and development of Gashaka Gumti National Park and the Omo Wildlife Sanctuary in Nigeria. The latter is a new protected area that harbors forest elephants. He is also working with UNESCO on the World Heritage Site nomination of Cross River National Park.

Photography credit: (c) Suzi Eszerthas